Residential & Commercial Satellite Sales, Service, and Installation

Serving the Southern Arizona area.  HughesNet can provide installation in all other areas.

Custom Installations, Pre-Wire, Post-Wire, Satellite TV, HughesNet, DirecTV, Dishnetwork, Home Audio, Home Theater, HDTV, Networking, Home Automation.


  • The satellite system equipment.
  • Dish (antenna) side or 1st story roof mounting.
  • Running exterior RG-6 cable to an exterior / interior wall entry point.
  • Interior faceplate, RG-6/cat 5 cable to connect your system.

Please discuss any non-standard requirements with your installer over the phone and again when the installer arrives on site. The list below identifies items that are not included in a standard installation. Most installers charge extra for these items. Do not allow any work to be done until you and your installer clearly understand and approve the additional work and its additional cost. SUPERVISE all work performed by your installer. If you have any questions, please call us at 1-866-825-4950. Option #2


  1. Relocation of DIRECTV receivers
  2. Extra RG-6 cable over 100 feet per run
  3. Drilling through more than one exterior and one interior wall
  4. Running cable through attics, basements, or walls
  5. Phone jack wiring where existing service is more than 25 feet from the DIRECTV receiver
  6. Providing any enhancements to existing phone system
  7. Connections to stereo and/or various audio components other than a VCR co-located with the DIRECTV receiver.
  8. Special moldings or other cosmetic hardware used to hide exposed cables
  9. Non-penetrating roof mount, pole mount or chimney mount
  10. Removal and/or repair of previously mounted equipment without a Waiver of Liability signed off by customer
  11. Mileage if customer is located more than 35 miles from nearest available HUGHES authorized installer.
  12. Complex and/or custom installations, including multiple DIRECTV receivers, excess cabling requirements and wall fishes, etc., will result in additional fees.
  13. Mounting antenna higher than the first level roof.
  14. Networking multiple computers or connections to LANs.

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